03 December 2010

Rockin' my world right now:

1. My Plastichic watch
A watch that looks like a bracelet and comes in Flouro green? Sign me up! The first week I wore my new "Stabilo Green" Plastichic friend, two people actually stopped me in the street to make enquiries. Yes, they're hot. And no, I'm not on commission!! Perhaps I should be though... PS They're $24.95 and Plastichic just launched the Plastichic online store, so shop it!

2. My Il Bisonte "Key Bell"
The trusty black leather Prada keycase my parents brought back from Florence in, like, 1997 was on it's last leather-y legs, so I recently welcomed an Il Bisonte "Key Bell" into my world. And I LOVE it. Gorgeous quality and craftmanship, buttery soft leather, super simple and won't blow the budget at $89 either! PS Bought it online (of course!) from one of my favourite shops, Hunt leather.

3. Dermalogica Skin Smoothing cream
Dermalogica Skin Smoothing cream is quite simply the only moisturizer I will ever use. I recently strayed, only to later regret it. Never again. And in case you were curious, yes - It totally does smooth. Hey, let's face it, if it's good enough for Jennifer Hawkins and Kate Bosworth...

4. Amethyst card holder
I am so in love with crystals right now, it's ridiculous. How cute to boot is this Amethyst crystal cluster card holder? Those Table Tonic business cards don't know how good they got it... PS Ebay, peeps, eBay.

5. This polaroid of me and Mr Tonic
Taken at a friend's wedding in December 2008, this one was intended for the "wedding guest book", but Mr Tonic and I promptly deemed it too smashing not to (sneakily) keep!

Well? Anything rockin' your world?


  1. Thanks you have solved my problem of what to get my Niece for Christmas she would love one of those watches as part of her Present and so would I :)

  2. Well, your stripey top and stripey scarf combo is rocking mine just at this precise moment (in a vicarious sort of way of course). Looks really good.

  3. That Plastichic watch is super cute..and love all your other finds..you are too cool for school little lady ; ) x

  4. Hi Louise, great ideas, thanks!
    By the way, talking about crystals, I have inherited a big collection of shells and crystals from my father - who used to be obsessed with them-but unfortunately don't have enough display shelves at home for them all!
    I definitely need a bigger house!!! Have a great w/end :))

  5. Love the green watch and I'm CRAZY for the crystal cardholder- I need one of those...and some cards to go with it:) Sweet picture of you too btw. My number one thing that is rocking my world right now is the jar of YSL foundation I bought a few weeks ago- the most brilliant make-up product I have ever tried..pricey but soooo worth it!

  6. I have a question. I wear sunscreen everyday, but realize it is not moisturizing my skin enough. Do you wear sunscreen, and if so, do you put it on before or after the Dermologica? That looks perfect too me, but I really need my spf!

  7. Tres chic darling!! some lovely new items!! Hey you look gorgeous both then and now!!

  8. You are such a FAB girl Louise!! Where did you buy that stripy top!! You look so very cool!!SuzanneX

  9. Thanks for the feedback, you guys!

    Jennyburns - When I am good/can be bothered (not often enough), I wear an SPF daily. Apparently your SPF should be the first thing you put on your skin, so there isn't a "barrier" of any kind...

    Suzanne - The stripey red top is SUBTITLED from General Pants here in Australia. Got it a year or so back though.

    Hope that helps! x

  10. Ohhh, I love your hair in the 2008 polaroid pic!

  11. All looks fabulous Louise. You're rocking the watch and the fab stripes!

    Il Bisonte - yes, major crush on them since forever. Remember missing them terribly when moving from London to Sydney way back when. The launch was like rain on a hot day! :)

    Dermalogica.. OMG, what would one do without their amazing products. Insta' freshness in a tube!

    Hope you've had a fab weekend. We're just back from some wonderful cruising on the Hawkesbury. Heaven!

    x Charlotta

  12. Thanks Lousie!!It really suits you!! Suzanne.


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