02 December 2010

Happy Birthday Mr Tonic

At 2:50pm this afternoon, Mr Tonic sent me an email, which simply read: "I'm coming home now for a peaceful scotch on the porch where I shall contemplate my 42 years of existence." Happy Birthday Mr Tonic. x


  1. and a bit of afternoon delight? Happy Birthday Mr T. Love your bit on the side, Mrs Woog xo

  2. Good on him for running off from work early on his birthday - woohoo!

  3. Happy birthday Mr T! It's my wedding anniversary today, and my birthday on Saturday too, and I couldn't agree more - I can't wait to put my feet up for a quiet drink or two. Hope you have a great day. K

  4. happy birthday MR TONIC - my fellow Sagg!
    I look forward to having a belated b'day bevvie on your new porch very-very-soon!


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