10 December 2010

Anoushka's new room

We're finally moving into our new house next Friday, and I have very much enjoyed lying in bed each night, planning and decorating each room in my head. Anoushka's room decor has been chopping and changing (she'll be 3 next February) and I just couldn't for the life of me commit to a colour scheme or formula or "look". Until I saw these on (the ever-inspirational) Absolutely Beautiful Things:

Red + white + orange + blue... And that wallpaper!

(below) Matching curtains!


I'll take this daybed (that's the "head", undercoated. 
The "foot" is identical)...

Paint it "Hermes orange" (high gloss)*...
*Undecided on this one, might chicken out and paint it white - then hate self

Throw this "Ink" Mexican Suzani over it (white bed linen)...

Hang these (just purchased from here) prints on the wall...

Paint this little guy solid (high gloss) white...

Chuck one of these (buy it here) around...

Now I just need that delightful red and white wallpaper 
and the matching fabric. And what I would only do for 
a blue and white ginger jar lamp...

Well? You know I value your opinion - what you
love about it? What do you loathe about it? 
And be honest - I haven't done it yet!


  1. I love it all! Although not sure about the orange paint. I'd be too scared to do it! But you could always paint over it if you don't like it.

  2. love love love! i have that same picture in my inspiration file and I love your plans, the suzani and prints are gorgeous. What I wouldn't give for a little girl!

  3. Love the colour scheme hon..gorgeous..vibrant and happy..great for either a boy or girl..Im actually using a similar scheme for my little Jacq's room..as he is just over 2 and I am trying to get his room to look more like a little toddlers room rather than a nursery.
    Honestly..the only thing I went a little..Hmmm...about were the watercolour prints...love the prints and the colours..but not sure about lobsters or crabs for a little girls room...maybe seahorse and starfish? a little more girly? Dont mean to sound all know it all..just wanted to give you my honest opinion lovely x

  4. I see you use the same method of getting to sleep that I do!

    I love the colours and your plan. Will look amazing. I would not be so concerned about the lobsters and crabs, it will be unforgettable.

    I can still see in my minds eye my green pink and white marrimekko blinds in my childhood room. As clear as anything. It is great to have a really strong vibrant room, I think. xo

  5. Thank you so much for your generous comment on my post yesterday, Louise - I was so touched by it.

    As for a hot orange and deep blue combo? I'm game! Have a lovely weekend. xo

  6. I actually want this room for myself - nevermind and adorable 3 year old!! :) Love anything with an ocean theme to it. And the bold colours = fun.

  7. So thrilled our back sun room display at black & spiro has inspired your daughter's new room Louise. I can't wait to see what you create...it will be amazing, no doubt. I love everything you have selected including the crabs - so unexpected for a girls room and so unique and fun!!


  8. Vibrant and gorgeous! I say go all out - orange bed, crabs, lobsters and all! So refreshing for a toddler's room!

  9. I can't wait to see what you do with the prints!!

    xoxo Laura
    ** good luck with the move, and so glad we connected :)

  10. So many beautiful pieces:)
    Sounds like a fantastic plan to me!!
    Good luck!
    :) Anna

  11. Don't chicken out, I love the orange!

  12. you must do orange...don't chicken out...i love it! laurel

  13. Love the colour scheme, love the orange headboard, suzani, pouff, fabric and wallpaper inspiration. I'm with Anna though, not sure about lobsters and crabs for a girl but maybe that's just being silly- Since the rest of the room is more unisex, maybe some graphic bright florals- just a thought. The fabulously named Anoushka is going to have a fabulous room to match! xo

  14. Can't wait to see it all come together!! It is going to look amazing!!

  15. Oh I like it alot, paint the bed in ornage definitely, will look amazing. I would also add from the etsy store, the prints of the dresses, add a bit of chickness (rather than girliness).
    All the best for the move and can't wait to see how you transform the entire house.

  16. Don't chicken out, you must paint the bedhead Hermes orange...it will make you both so happy! Happy moving...i look out for you around town, you will love it up here x

  17. ooooh! love it! here's an old post of mine that has some more pictures of framed bathing suits:

    i love the colors and the framed crabs, but i love the framed bathing suits the most! those would be adorable in a little girls room!

  18. I think it will look fab - such a fresh colour scheme. With the floral wallpaper you could have anything and it will still be girly so go all out. Are you going to do all the walls in the wallpaper?

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Definitely go the Hermes orange bed. You did a post (13 Aug) on a girls room with a Hermes orange chest of drawers and it looked fab. Also check out Lonny Magazine, the Oct/Nov 2010 issue on page 220 - interior designer, Palmer Weiss, did Hermes orange bed heads for her girls' bedroom and they look GORGEOUS!!! I love your all your ideas for Annoushka's bedroom, what a lucky little girl. LOVE YOUR BLOG too, it's my absolute fave. Thanks for being so generous sharing your stunning ideas and thoughts.

  20. ps: also check out Lonny Mag, Jun/Jul 2010 issue, page 86 for more inspiration on painting that bed Hermes orange!

  21. I love this!!!! I want to redocorate my room like this!!! I love everything about this. Thank you for showing this to us.


  22. the colours & patterns are beautiful bright & cheeky & not at all precious but i think you missed the spot with the crab & lobster prints. they remind me of a sea food restaurant or a beach cabana. as a mother of a 3 year old girl i wonder if your daughter relates to our is interested in this art? we all deserve to have our spaces filled with images that resonate for us. this doesn't mean dora or puppies or all those cliques but i would be curious about what sparks her imagination & makes her heart flutter instead of what matches your colour scheme. which by the way i dig & yes to the orange. have fun

  23. The orange will look great with the Mexican Suzani - so you go, girl!! You will most regret what you did NOT do- and Anna Spiro is such an inspiration- love her blog and shop....
    I so recognise the planning late at night in bed when sleep will not come hahaha :-)

  24. L O V E everything! I so hope you paint the daybed in the stunning Hermes orange, I think you will be disappointed if you don't So looking forward to seeing the finished product, your new home is amazing!

  25. Promise to paint the bed orange. Do it now. Go on.

  26. and those framed swimsuits? perfect.


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