09 November 2010

New house moodboard: "Earth Vibes"

And the vibes I'm a gettin' are gooood. Image number two from our "new house moodboard" (this was image one) is this little gem, courtesy of designer Brad Ford as seen in issue two of Lonny magazine:

(below) The same room, from another angle

Brad Ford

The words of the day? Earthy, tan, natural, texture, old. 
PS Lonny shared these tips at the end of 
their feature, which I rather adore:


  1. Yes - this room has Mr and Mrs. Tonic stamped all over it! Go for it! KG

  2. Oh we are singing to the same tune at the moment..I have been using that first image as inspiration for giving my living space a new makeover...just love it.
    Gone the total opposite of luxurious,glossy and opulent..to earthy, homely and inviting. Love it.

    p.s gave your little TT a wee mention...just a wee one on my post yesterday...hope its ok. xxx

  3. Love! but what will you do with those fantastic turquoise chairs? How much is shipping to Canada?!!

  4. If you make your home look like that .. I am moving in (pretty please ???)


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