10 November 2010

It's a Table Tonic Flea Market!

Unfortunately, there are some things that just wont cut it in a modernist home, and we seem to have a handful of pieces we'd really prefer not to schlep along with us for the sake of it. So anything remotely "curly" or "French Provincial-y"? Gone! And what's that you say? One man's trash is another man's treasure? Precisely. Which is why I've just listed a bunch of our beautiful furniture here on eBay. (Nothing like a confirmation email form 2 men and a truck to get the purge ball rolling!) And PS if you're interested in buying the leather  Fanuli couch I'm lazing on, on the cover of Real Living? Email me. We'll totally be selling that too. So here are the goods (more to come!!):

(above) A pair of chairs and a table, originally bought 
from Parterre Garden. We adore them, but they're 
going to cause some kind of style-explosion if we 
put them in the new place. 

(above) A fab Balinese bench seat. Ditto.

(above) Mini Tonic's bedside table, customized 
with Anthropologie coral knobs!

And I'll be adding more in the coming days - great outdoor table and chairs, a cot and change table...


  1. Those chairs are sensational. Pity am not local enough. Love Parterre Garden.

  2. Can I have all? Such stylish and gorgeous pieces!

  3. What a great idea! I'm guessing that the shipping costs to Canada would outweigh all benefits of buying, but I wish you good luck with selling it all! I'm sure you will have no issues :)


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