30 November 2010

Have YOU met Miss Jones?

I have been lusting after Have you met Miss Jones's incredible range of modern-to-boot bone china goodies for, like, ever, so when I saw their Angel Wings in a certain issue of Real Living magazine, I had to, had to, HAD TO have them! We'll be moving house in a mere 3 weeks (the mere thought of which has given me a full blown cold!?), and Mini Tonic #1's room is coming along nicely in my head. The timber daybed I bought 6 months back will emerge from storage, and I'm thinking these should look just dandy on the wall (which will have been painted the soon-to-be-found perfect shade of white). PS Mr Tonic's response? "I think devil horns would have been more appropriate". Amen to that.

And if you haven't had a good scout around Have you met Miss Jones's website? YOU MUST! It's positively bursting at the seams with things you never even knew you needed, but do... need. Oh, and PPS She has a fabbo blog too!


  1. that angel wing light fixture is crazy cool. so whimsical. thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for the intro. Beautiful things...and so very white too!


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