24 October 2010

"Une pochette pour mon iPad"

Oui! Oui! Oui! Except I don't have an iPad. Hmmm. Perhaps Mr Tonic is, infact partial to leopard print... PS Dolce & Gabbana, Tonic-ettes - Start skipping those morning lattes! PPS Yeah thanks, Paris Vogue. THANKS A LOT.


  1. I don't check my computer for 24 hours and then come back to find ALL your great posts. Always love your new blog finds (covetish last week kept me browsing for nearly 2 hours!!!) .. and these little lovelies are super stylish. Hope you had a good weekend (-:

  2. Oh my! Nero is in love!
    This is reason enough to cave and get that iPad I've been jonesing for.
    Don't think I could skip the morning lattes, but something's definitely gotta give here!
    Happy Sunday, Alcira



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