26 October 2010

Stylish Homes: Enid Woodward

"Enid Woodward, a physical therapist, lives in a 600-square-foot studio on the Upper West Side. The apartment may be small, but it has one very large asset: it opens onto a wraparound terrace that is nearly the size of the living space" (NY Times). Proof that good things come in small packages! PS Click here to view the full slideshow. PPS Interesting to note that Enid's furniture is completely neutral, which makes the red and blue interior a huge success, if you ask me!

All images nytimes


  1. Worth the squish JUST for that outdoor space .. oh, and what a stylish squish it is (-:

  2. New to your blog and loving it! This apartment is so cheery and happy! Great post!

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  3. Just found your blog--love it! This apartment is lovely. One of my favorite color combos (blue/red) and done flawlessly. I will definitely be back to visit you again :)

  4. I am going to look at this space hard. It is small, and yet reads spacious.


    mb from Dallas

  5. I want it! And that's all I'm gonna say lol.


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