14 October 2010

Stylish Homes: Douglas Coupeland

I love few things more than having someone alert me 
to something because they knew I'd love it/thought of me 
when they saw it. And this is how I happened upon 
Douglas Coupeland's modernist residence in Canada. 
So thank you Anna - you were bang on! It reminds 
me of our new house too!

(above) Douglas Coupland, the author of "Generation X," Microserfs" and the upcoming novel "Generation A," renovated a midcentury house in Vancouver, British Columbia, that could technically be called a second home, though it doesn't really provide much of a scenery change: it sits directly behind his primary residence.  

(below) When the house came on the market, Mr. Coupland saw it as a chance to preserve an architectural style that he says is disappearing. The carport, which houses his Nissan Figaro, is original. 

(below) Mr. Coupland, who was an artist before his writing career took off, has created an open floor plan that showcases his art and reflects his inventive point of view. "The house, to me, is all about modularity and building kits," he said, referring to the vintage building kits that he collects. Here, he applies white Lego building blocks to a post in an upstairs gallery space, where his "Target Stack" installation hangs on a wall. 

(below) He installed a number of art works throughout the house, including many of his own creations. His “Downy Fabric Softener” sits in a hall before a Brian Howell photograph. The flagstone floor is original.

(below) Other original details include the glass entryway, where he has installed dice as an ode to the artist Damien Hirst’s pill paintings.

(below) Spools of thread are on display as they would be in a tailor shop, another nod to Mr. Hirst’s work. When guests come over to the house Mr. Coupland invites them to pull on the string.

(below) Mr. Coupland made his bathroom “embody the best of what I like in hotel bathrooms.” The sleek tub is by Acri-Tec.

All images and captions ny times

PS View the full slideshow over at NY Times here.

PPS Read the post titled "Douglas Coupeland's magical white house" on Ouno Design blog.


  1. I love all the bright art against the white backdrop!!

  2. I am with Shannon the artwork is fab!


  3. Wow seeing something like this makes me feel deeply ordinary. I am so envious of the way this man's creative mind works.

    Did you ever see the doco about one of the fellows from Top Gear (James I think) who had a life size house built entirely from Lego - it was brilliant.


  4. This is so great. I love Douglas Coupland and always knew he was artistic (and hilarious) but had never seen his home. And BTW, Microserfs and Girlfriend in a Coma were hilarious!

  5. I love the bathroom images. The color of the tile flooring matches the outdoor view. It reminds me of the cottage we stayed in Tampa last summer.


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