05 October 2010

Staircase from hell (or not...)

Freaky at first, yes. But when you study them for a minute? Not so scary-mary... See? Now I want to try them out in real life. Badly!


  1. Uh oh - thats is just scary to me! There is no way i would make it down those stairs without breaking a bone!! KG

  2. Wow, ditch the stilettoes before climbing me thinks!

  3. OH a puppy would loathe trying to navigate these stairs!
    It would be waaay too much for my golden but not enough for me, depending on the evening in which I'm stumbling home to bed.
    Kisses misses

  4. What would happen if you were drunk or blind...or just blind drunk!!

  5. Or drunk and blind?!!

    Not for me!

  6. No stiletto shoe zone for sure...

  7. these are awesome! im pretty sure i would fall on my face though. im too clumsy to have a staircase like this in my house!

  8. Fell off a bottom step last year and broke my Leg & Ankle so to me these are just plain scary and I was even sober at the time.

  9. i want to try them out too! I keep seeing them in apartments for sale here in Norway... i might have to go for a viewing just to test them :)

    they look cool!

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