30 September 2010

What you need: Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster

I don't mean to make small talk, but can we talk about the Sydney weather?! Oh my giddy aunt. The past few days weeks have been ridiculously inconsistent… (Isn't it supposed to be Spring?) Enter Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster (I prefer "liquid gold"), an amazing product that will provide "constant hydration" even against unpredictable elements. And lord knows, we have those! Slap it straight on the skin when you need a hydration-hit, or add it to your moisturiser to crank the hydration factor up to 11! And if you're flying anywhere, You. Need. It. And PS Anyone who's ever used anything Dermalogica, knows it's THE BOMB! 

Want more info? Visit www.dermalogica.com.au
Oh, and because it just arrived, here's the Skin Hydrating 
Booster sitting on one of the beautiful new Table Tonic  
Mexican Suzani Throws in yellow! 


  1. Yes I agree with you there is this the powder stuff which you mix with moisturiser? That is amazing. And can I suggest that people purchase this stuff on Strawberry Net it is heaps cheaper than buying it from the usual outlets in Australia.

  2. No, don't buy via Strawberry Net! You can't always guarantee that it is the authentic product! Please support local Australian stockists instead!

    Saying that, Skin Hydrating Booster is definitely one of my fave Dermalogica products! The product that Jane mentioned (above) is DIVINE... MAP-15 Regenerator!

  3. My very dry skin thanks you for the tip Louise. Will definitely track it down. K xx

  4. You must have read my mind...I was just looking for a super hydrating cream. Thanks so much.

  5. Yeah - Skin Hydrating Booster is a great product, but get it in Australia! There are loads of sites, I would recommend http://www.digitalskincare.com.au - I know it's real!

  6. Ohh.. I love the hydrating booster for around my eye area.

  7. Ohh.. I love the hydrating booster for around my eye area.

  8. I use this occasionally on my cheeks as they get a bit dry. I use a whole heap of their products which I have found have totally changed my skin...or they had done until I went and got pregnant and now can't use some of them! I suffer from breakouts and its the ones I need to combat those that I can't use! Darn it! I am still a Dermalogica lover though apart from the price - But I use an authorised stockist online which seems to always have pretty good deals Jersey Beauty I have to reitterate the point about not using Strawberry.net as we have heard some stuff about dodgy products too. Buy from an authorised stockist only! Your skin is too important to mess round with! Anyways - diatribe over! xxx


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