09 September 2010

Our "new" old house!

So Mr Tonic, the mini-Tonics and myself recently moved (we used Platinum Removals and they were FAB - Read these reviews). We bought a beautiful federation house on Sydney's Lower North Shore 6 short years ago, turned it into a home - hello blood/sweat/tears (not mine, Mr Tonic's), sold up, moved out and are ready to tackle the next one. We're currently renting a very "rustic" house in the next suburb, and I just wanted to share a little corner of the living room.


  1. So, so pretty!
    Can`t wait to see more pictures of your new home;)
    I hope there will be more....!
    Lovely greetings...

  2. Thanks for sharing your "little corner". Love your white on white display on the mantle. Have you found the next project to 'tackle'? If so are you going to share some before and afters? Please do! Michelle

  3. Thanks for the little peek at your new place!

  4. And we love the little corner!
    Hope you feel settled, that the baby-Tonics like their new home, and that you & Mr Tonic can kick back and enjoy.. well gin & tonics of course..! :)

    Am off to Sweden tomorrow. Done packing and am just one final cup of tea away from bed.
    Thanks again for filling in for me whilst I am gone. I look forward to seeing what you cook up.
    xx C

  5. Very cool fireplace, and I love big clam shells!


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