10 September 2010

Our "new" old house part II: Table Tonic's new HQ!

Moving house is always the pits. Even when you're "organized" (which we thought we were). I warned Mr Tonic: "You know, the removalists have a 2 hour minimum charge, hopefully we'll get our money's worth." Well. They came at 9.15am, and at 4pm? Yup, still there. On the upside of the whole thing though, I GET AN OFFICE! Which certainly beats a console table under a staircase. Oh, and my packing table is no longer the dining table, plus I have everything at my fingertips. Literally! It looks like an almighty mess, but I know where everything is, and am chuffed beyond speech to have my very first Table Tonic "office". So here she is: 

(above) My packing table & some Table Tonic treasures and (below), my previous "office":


  1. Hi Louise,
    Are they Moroccan Wedding Blanket cushions I can see in that second pic? Are you going to be selling those at tabletonic.com? I need them in my life!

  2. They are! Coming soon, I promise. I just got around to shooting all those new Suzanis you can see, and the "Moroccan Wedding Pillows" are next on my list! And yes, they are heaven on earth. x

  3. Oh my! I can't wait! I'll keep checking your site for updates. Thanks x

  4. I spy a certain IKEA desk lamp that I own too! Fun!

  5. Sigh, this is the morning of lost posts and comments... Stopped by earlier today to say that I LOVE your old office, and am wondering what the yellow thing on the wall in the first pic is :)


  6. Hi Dagny, well thanks so much for returnig and for the kind words. PS It's one of these - A juju hat...

  7. I love seeing all the poufs! They look so cool in those big stacks! You're going to be sending one to Memphis, Tennessee USA soon! I've got those white ones on my wish list, and they're about to make it to the top!

  8. yay! what an exciting time for you! Love your old office desk AND your NEW office space--lucky duck. Congrats on the move!


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