16 September 2010

Gimme! of the day: MOR Body Butter

I'm loving the wallpaper-y vibe on these body butters (I worship a body butter) by MOR Cosmetics. Infact, all of their packaging is majorly gorgeous & luxurious looking. And with names like "Feijoa Lime" (buy it here) and "Royal Mulberry" (buy it here), you're going to want to reach for a spoon. I'm just saying. Blood Orange, Lychee Flower, Marshmallow, the list goes on... Ugh. Scrumptious.

And I'm not sure who styled their catalogue
(below), but Oh. Em. Gee.

UPDATE: These campaign images were shot by 
Sharyn Cairns, styled by MOR Art Director, Kasia Gadecki 
and assisted by Sarah Easson, MOR's Marketing 
& Communications Manager.


  1. I got some MOR products for me birthday recently...and the Body Butter is divine!!! It makes your skin feel so soft & creamy! And the scent days in your skin all day! I LOVE it!!

  2. Wow! The styling of those shots is STUNNING!

  3. I wish they'd bring back their Pistachio flavour. My body thought it had died and gone to a pale green heaven.

  4. Did I miss something? Those shots are awful... I felt like I'd been transported back to 1986.

    The Marshmallow MOR doesn't smell a think like marshmallows (more like a cross between a musk stick and fairy floss) but either way it's sooooo yummy!! x


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