14 September 2010

Etsy store of the day: Little White Dog

What happens when two of the biggest homewares trends (letter & maps) get hitched? Well, you get Ireland-based Little White Dog of course - "Custom made sculptures from repurposed & recycled paper". Susie? You're a clever chop. They're di-viiine!


  1. love these amazing letters -- great find! i am so bummed that i discovered your fabulous online store a day late for my most recent blog entry. i still sent it along to my girlfriend so she can potentially buy your yellow + green ikat pillows for her home. i will still find a way to feature your boutique soon...


  2. Nice find...and yes so clever.


  3. Adore these letters - of coarse! Thanks for sharing. Michelle

  4. What a great idea!!! I make letters in my shop, but not nearly as cute as those (yes I will admit that!)

    Have a lovely week

  5. The creativity in others will never stop amazing me. A great sight & I love to support those on Etsy. I adore your blog!

    Cheers ~ deb


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