21 September 2010

Bohemian accessories coming soon to tabletonic.com.au!

Oh my giddy aunt, what a week! Sunday, as you now know, was my 36th birthday (thank you guys so much for all the amazing birthday wishes!). I had a hectic (hello children!), but beautiful day, which started off with a totally unexpected Apple MacBook Pro Laptop (I KNOW!!!!) from Mr Tonic and the Mini Tonics, followed by a crisp glass of Rose and lunch at The Boathouse in Palm Beach with my Mum & Dad, and finished with me buying the Sunday papers (which is rare) on the way home - which I have yet to read. Then yesterday, we go and buy our dream-house-to-be and today, these arrive for my online store - the most incredible vintage Indian messenger bags. They're enormous, and all heavily encrusted with mirrors, tassels, silver, pompoms, shells, embroidery, chains, the works! The "backs" of them are just as amazing as the front, and no two are the same!

(below) As well as the bags, I've got more 
(which I'm wearing about 7 of here!).

And yes, they'll all be up on the  

The bags remind me a lot of some of the ones seen on 
as well as the beautiful Simone Camille ones  
(but, phwoaar, the price!). 


  1. Oh I am pleased to read you had a lovely birthday! I just had to write to say you look so different in this shot (still gorgeous of course) but much different with your hair tied back! Either way, not a day over 28! :) x

  2. Wow, you have had an amazing birthday week. How fantastic and one I'm sure you will never forget - the house of your dreams now a reality.

    Your new stock looks gorgeousl and isn't the MacBook Pro just amazing! When I got mine, I kept saying "Isn't she beautiful". The girls at work thought it a little strange.

    Sandy K

  3. happy birthday sweet girl!!
    love those necklaces...

  4. The messenger bag is perfection... big time WANT!

  5. Random question: But what camera do you have in the above photo?
    On topic: Love love love the necklaces and the NEW house! How excitment!

  6. Neha - It's the Nikon D40. It's my Dad's (ex!) camera, and he's a very keen photographer, so if it's good enough for him...!

  7. Thanks Louise! I'm picking up my Nikon tonight and super excited. And the way I see it, if its good enough for you it will be beyond fine for me!


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