10 September 2010

"The 2011 IKEA Catalogue is virtually here."

I don't know about you, but I just never seemed to get those Ikea catalogues in my mailbox. One year I ashamedly resorted to pilfering the people from number 48's copy. "They wouldn't read it anyway" I assured myself. But look what we have here! Ikea goes all iPhone on us! Head to the Ikea website for how to download your free app. (I wonder if the people from number 48 will be downloading it...)

So you're a self confessed "techno-tard"? Click here to view the 2011 catalogue online (Australia/Asia). I know. So "old-school".


  1. I'm even more old school and like a real copy in my hands. Unfortunately for me, they wont even post one to me because I live in Tasmania. I begged them for one last year and they said they'd sent it but it never came. So sad!

  2. So funny that you're posting about IKEA's catalogue today...I just posted about the one from DWR yesterday:-). Gotta love those catalogues! xx

  3. Hey there! Would love to see your pick of the best buys from the new catalogue. You have such amazing taste! x

  4. Had a giggle when I read your pilfering comment. We never get a copy delivered either and just today my husband and I were walking around the neighbourhood when I spotted one on top of a mailbox. I didn't say anything but my husband looked at me and said 'don't even think about it.' My IKEA love runs deep!


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