12 August 2010

Women in Business: Table Tonic

And now, from the "Incase-you-missed-it" files, a little interview with yours truly over at (insert gushy adjective) Women in Business. The piece is titled "How to Quit Your Day Job: Louise from Table Tonic" (hehe) and you can read it here.


  1. Hi Louise, I love reading your blog and love that you took the initiative to start Table Tonic so all of us aussies can have easier access to more gorgeous things. Well done!

  2. Hi Louise - I also interned at Dolly and am now thinking about starting my own business :) Loved your profile @ Women in Business!

  3. Great interview Louise, you're an inspiration for sure.....makes me think of where I am and where I want to go.....
    Thank you lovely xx

  4. I'm thinking you'll be taking over Australia any minute now.

  5. Go you, that is so exciting! Congrats lovely x

  6. Love your interview! I am also trying to start up a home decor business (in Nashville, Tennessee)...locally so not online- but it is still nice to hear how you ventured into all of this!! You do such a wonderful job!

  7. Hi Louise, great interview!
    Very inspiring and great advice!
    Looking with admiration from across the pond at all your hard work, I am cheering for you!

    The only question I have.... what if I really like my new day job? :) I am so HAPPY I made the switch!

    Northern Light

  8. Congrats! great interview.. you are an inspiration - x

  9. Great interview Louise! I love your positivity! You are inspirational :)

  10. Thanks again for your great interview Louise! It's always so interesting hearing the path women in biz have taken to get where they are :)

  11. Hey Louise, loved the interview - very inspiring! It all starts for me with Ruby Rhino and our furniture next month, well the proper planning anyway, excited and scared!

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