03 August 2010

Spanish Elle: Erin Wasson by David Mushegain

If you worship at the alter of Wasson (guilty!), then you're going to want to thank the fashion goddesses for this. And PS I hope you all get many hours of enjoyment from my new Table Tonic blog background. After playing around with some (extremely) puke-y looking ones (and I know you'd all agree, because you have stellar taste), this one is here to stay!


  1. What a fantastic photo shoot! Thanks for sharing.


  2. New background is darling, Louise. Loving the layers to it.

  3. I love Erin Wasson, just pure natural beauty, and thanks for directing me to Studded Hearts blog, love it! Also thank you for you lovely comment, loving the new background. Jx

  4. gorgeous girl.
    thinking about taking these images to my colorist..
    love that dark on top light on the bottom look.


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