11 August 2010

Lonny: The not-so-good bits

Bar cart overload? Shabby Chic? Cartoon art? Head over to If the Lampshade Fits for a Lonny review with a difference. And it might just have you nodding along... 


  1. Yup, I have to agree... disappointing Lonny, very disappointing!

  2. Omg, I did a post on Lonny's newest issue yesterday and completely agree. Not impressed with this issue at all.

  3. So glad Raina's back even if it's just for this post atm.

    As for Lonny, I just reposted in your original Lonny post. Wasn't a fan of the majority at all. Didn't mind the Flair article - pics were gorgeous and the last two homes featured were the only ones that appealed to me.

    Sandy K

  4. Come on people, it's free. I've seen worse in magazines I've paid for!

  5. Are we all being a little overly critical here???
    I agree it seemed funny to feature RA and CK in the same issue, but I applaud Michelle and Patrick for all their hard work!!.... and Mary; you'r right IT'S FREE!

    Northern Light
    ...do come visit, as I did a Lonny post as well ;)

  6. I liked the flair article, the ryan korban home and the one with the ikat bedding... I suspect I would like the article on framing if I could actually read it.

    I so desperately want to love this thing and its just not living up to its potential! Those wall stencils are horrific. I hate the mickey mouse art. And I really think its time to pull back the camera a little bit. All the close ups make me really annoyed that I cant see the whole room and just make me feel like the rooms in full view arent that great.

  7. I agree that it didn't have as many inspiring interiors in this issue. But realizing it's run by a few people on a budget most shelter magazines spend on a one day shoot, it impresses and inspires me enough. US Elle Decor has had so many bad issues lately.

  8. Yup, the only one I liked was the Ryan Korban, and he can do no wrong by me! Glad Raina spoke up, I agree!

  9. Listening to Raina's rant reminded me why we left Colorado.

  10. Thanks for the comments, guys - keep it coming!

    I think Sketch42 makes an excellent point - "...it's time to pull back the camera a little bit." TOTALLY agree. And Mary, you're also bang on. Easy to criticise, but it is FREE. So lucky us.


  11. Will duck over to Raina in a minute.. (glad she survived the house move and going through the attic..), but just wanted to ask you to scoot over to my blog and pick up a little award I just gave you. xx


    P.S. I had wooden clogs with this kind of Almoge/folklore pattern when I was little.. Only they were red.. :)

  12. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Louise!

    @Georgina - Oh, that's nothing. You should see me when I get really wound up: http://tinyurl.com/cb23dx

  13. not a huge fan of this type of decor, but I'm glad to see Lonny incorperating some different styes.. wasn't everyone just complaining all the pics looked the same?! For those who must shout out negatively, I'd love to go and see what your online mag looks like ;)

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