12 August 2010

L.A Swoonings: A mid-century modern masterpiece

Stop the search, I have found my "forever house"!  A mid-century modern masterpiece in Los Angeles, all soft muted glamour and flooded with natural light (now I'm sounding like a real estate agent!). Designed by the late Austrian-born Architect, Victor Gruen, with interiors by French designer Chahan Minassian, they've created a magnificent space, perfectly sympathetic to the home's mid-century architecture. "With a dash of French glamour", as Escapade so rightly pointed out...

PS These photos are by Frederic Lagrange, who has a stunning portfolio of work. Head over & have a rummage around when you have a minute.


  1. I could write a novel off this little collection of photos.


  2. Really so beautiful...did you see Table Tonic was mentioned in the sept Notebook mag under web watch :)


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