17 August 2010

Cool blog: Jojo's Room

Jojo's Room - Yet another reason I wish I spoke French. Fortunately, the pictures are pretty damn droolapaloozy (that's French for inspirational).


  1. I agree the images are gorgeous! Just read your post about Mark Tuckey - thanks for sharing - I adore his work. Michelle

  2. Thanks for leaving your beautiful blog and popping into the Fibro today. I love this room. Colour, bunting, secret places to hide - what more could a kid want?

  3. Thank you for putting my blog on your list of
    newbies! I found your blog because of it and i absolutely love reading it everyday...take care,
    xo tia

  4. What a cool blog! Thanks for sharing this!


  5. Brilliant. I'm such a sucker for this kid stuff.

  6. "Thousands of coloured treasures on the shelves of this unit".. or something very close to that.

    Loving it too and would be the perfect solution for my kids' room.

    Hoping you are well.

    x Charlotta

  7. Fantastique! Je l'adore! And I don't just love it because Jojo is my nickname. This a definitely a sweet blog. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love Jojo's Room blog - it's hard to resist such French loveliness!


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