05 August 2010

Bloggy friends: Will @ Bright Bazaar

Yesterday? Some special mail. I LOVE special mail. Royal mail? Even more exciting!

It was from Will over at Bright Bazaar - A "Summer Salads" supplement he thought I would enjoy. Bang on, Will! Those who know me, know that I am beyond partial to a salad.

Then there was the ever-present conundrum: What to make for dinner? I decided to give page 35 a whirl: Grilled courgette, tomato and bean salad.

I oomphed it up with some grilled Haloumi cheese and sliced Chorizo sausage (not shown)... Et voila!

The kindness that constantly wafts through the blogging community is truly special, and I am constantly astounded by it. Will, you are too kind - Your mother should be proud. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. Don't you just love receiving things via the mail?

  2. WILL is the absolutely most gorgeous boy in the blogging world. love him so much! looks deelish! xo

  3. What a beautiful gesture from a gorgeous person...and the recipe looks delish..xo

  4. sure his mother IS proud of him! looks delicious and boy do I need a salad diet after my US/Canada tour :))

  5. that salad looks sooooooo yummy!!

  6. That's so LOVELY :)
    I too, LOVE LOVE LOVE receiving REAL mail {not bills lol} and I agree with what you said about the amazing love & support that comes with being a part of the land of blogs. I had a really crappy week last week & am dealing with a loss.....but the support from my bloggy friends has been nothing short of AMAZING!!!!

  7. Yay, I was so relieved to find out that the 'Royal Mail' (tee hee) had arrived safely after winging it's away across the oceans! So fun to see one of the salads you made and, I have to say, an excellent choice! YUM!

  8. This book looks like a must-have. I'm on my way to look for it on amazon. Will, you are so sweet to send this to her!


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