07 August 2010

17 blogs I (only) discovered this week

When the first image I find on a blog is this (below), fireworks explode in my little brain, and a wave of excitedness & anticipation washes over me (yes, I positively worship a sparkle).

So I click and scroll and click and scroll.... and I find this:

and you are starting to understand why That Girl is the first blog I want you to know about this week. The rest? Here they are (in order of discovery):


  1. Darling, I will love if you "find my blog" too ;)

    Have a great weekend!

    Achados de Decoração - Sao Paulo - Brazil

  2. oh my goodness.. I can't take it! there's so many brilliant, creative people out there it's staggering, really. Great finds, Louise, as always :)

  3. That's the thing about blogging - each click leads somewhere fabulous. Catalog Living just cracks me up! I love it.

  4. I love that this blogger world just keeps getting bigger and bigger and you can get lost for hours upon hours *sigh*.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful tatse with us all.
    Hope you're having a fab weekend xx

    ps. eyespy my eye on a particular table tonic cushion, just working out whether I need just the 1 or the 2. Will be in contact soon about them

  5. Wonderful post! I'm definitely going to be checking out all these blogs. :)

  6. I love it when you post these lists, because they always lead me to find fabulous new blog inspirations! Thank you and thank you : )

  7. Thank you so much for including me on your list Louise!! I'm honored, and I'm thankful that it led me to your gorgeous blog. Now I'll be off to check out the other lovely blogs on this list!! I'll be following :)
    Nancy xo

  8. Thanks for another great list Louise.
    BTW, your new background is fabulous! It didn't show up in my browser properly the other day when I commented. It's just gorgeous.

    Sandy K

  9. Louise,
    A friend of mine just emailed me to let me know about the mention here:) I am so glad she did because your blog is fantastic!
    I am so happy you stumbled across mine:)
    Have a great weekend-look forward to keeping up with Table Tonic!
    :) Anna

  10. wow! this is some serious company to be amongst! thanks so much for the mention, louise. we have been long-time followers of your blog, and are super honored that you dig ours, too!

  11. Thank you SO much for the mention here, how lovely of you! I was reading about you the other day on BellaMumma - nice to meet you!


  12. I know what you mean by that first image - it's thrilling in the most inexplicable way. Does it remind me of parties or Quality Street sweets? No! It's more than that...

    Great post - I love your generosity.

  13. Fab list! Off to check out some of the new ones to me, now!

  14. I love that you are so sweet to share blogs that inspire you. You're getting me hooked even more...is that possible? xo

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