19 July 2010

Table Tonic: The week in review

What I loved this week:
I spent the best part of the week in the (super-scenic!) Blue Mountains. Mini Tonic stayed with her grandparents, while Mr Tonic, Medium Tonic and myself (Table) packed up the ute and headed West. If you're ever lucky enough to find yourself in this glorious neck of the woods, here is our itinerary (take from it what you will, although if you're smart, you'll stick to it like mud, because we had SUCH a fun time!). Where we stayed: Rosie's Cottage (below). Book her here. She was delightful - warm, cosy, clean and shiny. And the chandelier in the bathroom made me smile.

Where we ate: Hana Japanese, Leura Mall (below). Some of the freshest and cheapest Japanese I've ever had. We had dinner there twice. Outstanding. Make sure you book - even mid-week it gets busy. (Images from here)

Where else we ate: I just wanted to pick up the "Red Door Cafe", chuck it in the back of Mr Tonic's ute, and drive her back to Sydney. We had our first and I last meal of our stay there (plus a couple in between!) and everything was solid gold, five star greatness. Pesto mushrooms with grilled polenta, super chunky roast beef sandwiches (on inch-thick bread!), muesli with fruit and nuts, yoghurt and fresh fruit, ham, cheese tomato, mushroom and herb omlettes, croissants and jam, banana bread - we had it all. And I miss it already!

What we did: Scenic World. An incredible day out, riding a "skywalk" 250 metres above the ground, taking a cable car ride down a mountain, and experiencing the scenic railway - the steepest known railway in the universe (52º!!!!). Way to put the "rose in every cheek" (who needs Vegemite!!). And this is (a wildly enthused) Mr Tonic and I, riding the Zig-Zag railway in Lithgow - an old fashioned steam locomotive and one heck of a beautiful ride. Kids LOVE it (big ones included!).

What I bought: This nanna blanket (below). It's actually much brighter than it looks here. $40 and FABULOUS!

Top tips: Book a place with an open fire, and bring marshmallows! Also, try not to burn a hole in the carpet *cough*.
Other highlights: Medium Tonic lost his second tooth, and the Katoomba Tooth Fairy paid us a visit. We're getting good at this, and knew not to put the tooth next to the bed, but out in the lounge room, above the fireplace. Much less sneaking around that way!
Quote of the week: "That's a funny name for a park - 'Caravan'..." - Medium Tonic.
Don't forget: To bring your bloody camera home when you leave, YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!

Well? How was yours? What did you love or loathe?


  1. oh pretty Louise! Glad you had a wonderful time! xx

  2. Sounds fab! So sad we never made it there when we visited OZ.

    We rode a tractor ride at a local farm centre. Pretty much the highlight of my kids weekend so how could i not agree. Their faces did it for me.

  3. Welcome back! Sounds like a BLISSFUL weekend! Love the photos :) My Hubby's Nan makes those blankets & we have several.....soooo warm & cosy :) And I love those Japanese salty boiled snap peas....delicious! xo

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend, I used to live in Lithgow & spend my child hood years living at the top of the road opposite the Zig Zag Railway. I bet you guy's felt the cold. Have a great week!!

  5. This was really fun to read! Your quip about Katoomba Tooth Fair cracked me up! Have a wonderful week, L!


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