14 July 2010

Table Tonic in the Press: Cosmo Pregnancy Winter 2010

It's a strange feeling buying a copy of Cosmo Pregnancy when you're, you know, not. Why did I buy it? Because my little Anoushka's nursery is this issue's "Cozy Corner"! And PS, If you are knocked up? You'd want to go grab a copy. Run, don't walk.


  1. What a beautiful room ( and little girl! ) Congratulations on the feature :) xx

  2. She (and you of course) is divine! Excellent work Louise, keep it up. xo

  3. Anoushka has a very stylish room! It must be sooo exciting for you to be featured in a mag :)

  4. Gorgeous my dear! And what a lovely picture of th two of you :) Damn I miss my Aussie mags!

  5. What a great article. Ps. You look fab!


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