06 July 2010

Sneak peak: Table Tonic HQ in Cosmopolitan magazine

Ever wanted to know where I blog from? Well, this is my little Table Tonic "office" - the place where the magic happens, also known as "a console table under a staircase". Australian Cosmopolitan magazine's August 2010 issue hit the stands yesterday, and features my "chic home office", along with a little interview (click image to enlarge). Thank you lovely Cosmo!

But wait, there's more! The August 2010 issue of Madison magazine also went on sale yesterday (where's a girl to put her money?!), and features the Table Tonic turquoise ikat cushion in their beautiful wedding special. Thanks Madison!


  1. what a Bright and Happy place to blog...no wonder your always full of inspiration...love it! :) x

  2. Recognitions richly deserved!

    P.S. Absolutely adore the work space you've created.

  3. Wow congratulations Louise on both features! I love your office space - so cheerful and hip! Nice nice nice. xo

  4. Big orange print? iMac? Turquoise stationary box? Yeah, this is pretty much a fantabulous office!

  5. I love everything about your little office!! The cowhide, chair, ikat details.. TDF!


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