11 July 2010

Rooms of the week: Sunday edition

1. Groove is in the house: Where to start! The art, the lamps, the cushions, the rug, THE COFFEE TABLE (is it just me, or are these suddenly popping up everywhere?) - it's all a bit heaven, really.

2. Out of Africa: Natural, neutral and 100% memorable!

3. Art me up: I didn't think I was a "burnt orange" person. That could be about to change - this room is working it, overtime!

4. Pretty perfect: And fit for a princess. Love the little sprinkle of yellow.

 Amanda Nisbet Design

Happy Sunday, Tonic-ettes - wherever you may be! And as always (and I know I don't say it enough), thanks so much for stopping by. x


  1. Gorgeous pics! Especially love the silver ottoman in the last shot :)

  2. yours is one of the only blogs where i re-read three times because it's all so lovely and full of inspiration - thanks!

  3. again, i must comment... i own this coffee table! i love it! p.s. it weighs A TON. -maux from justsaymauxblogspot.com

  4. Love everything. I thought I loved the first photo, until I saw the second. Until the second was trumped by the third. Oh, the delight.


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