19 July 2010

The Organic Expo & Green Show double pass winners!

Aaaand the winners of the Table Tonic giveaway are: Sal, Michelle, Kloth & Bolt,  "Anonymous" and Beach Tropic. They each receive a double pass (valued at $32) to the Organic Expo & Green Show. Thanks for taking the time to enter, you guys, I will get in touch with each of you soon (Anonymous, you may have to contact me!) Here were their wonderful "green" tips: 

1. "Oh I have a good one! This is for foodies & greenies! If you are lucky enough to own copper pots/pans (I have one to start my collection!) the best way to clean them is with lemon juice & salt! Just rub it in & they will come up all nice & shiny! No chemicals needed!" - Sal  

2. "Ok the best way to clean your microwave is to put a cup of water in it and let boil away for about 2 minutes . When it stops don't open the door ...let it steam for about 10 minutes .YAH! Clean microwave and no smelly toxic chemicals!" 
- Michelle  

3. "Compost, compost, compost! food for your plants, great garden and best of all less fill in your bin!" - Kloth & Bolt

4. "Cook food as quickly as possible! Pick the recipe that takes 15 minutes instead of the recipe that takes 45. Less energy required and more time to do other things. A win for you and a win for the environment!" - Anonymous

5. Instead of wasting water and washing the smell of garlic from your hands, rub them on your stainless steel sink. Try it, it works!!  - Beach Tropic


  1. oohhy yipee! thanks louise!
    I am quite looking forward to this & i just bought kylie kwongs new orgnaic based book so will be good to go check that out!
    sal x

  2. I need to give that garlic tip a try! Conrgats to the giveaway winners!

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