09 July 2010

On a personal note: Thirty things I ♥

Inspired by this beautiful post over at Fat Mum Slim, I'm going to share thirty things I with you all:
Listening to Jack Johnson on a rainy day  
Soy Chai Lattes  
Morocco (even though I've never been)
Hotel rooms
My precious babies, Jasper & Anoushka
Sunday afternoons
Waking up to the sound of rain
Graeme - husband, comedian, soulmate
Balthazaar, NYC
The crispness of an early morning
Walking around markets
4 cheese/gorgonzola gnocchi
Balmy summer nights
Leather sandals
A dinner with girlfriends
Diptyque Philosykos
The French accent
Anything made with love and care
A naughty cigarette every once in a while
Lake Como
70's glamour
Italian Greyhounds
Cups of tea
The smell of Freesias
Hot showers in winter   

What do you ?


  1. i love reading peoples "i love" lists. so thanks for that.

  2. I love this blog, so thanks for the gorgeousness! Happy Weekend!

  3. ooo would you mind if I play along with this next week on my blog?! It's so fun!

    P.S. A naughty cigarette every now and then is so true for me too, especially after a vino or two!

  4. I heart your blog! Thank you for sharing your list! I am from Maryland on the east coast of the US and am truly transported when I visit your lovely, inspiring blog! heart, julie c.

  5. The rain, showers, cups of tea and hoummous - with you there.

  6. oh, and speaking of hoummous, (sort of) and a propos your recipe for paneer curry made with haloumi, I did see (and buy) some paneer in the chiller section of the supermarket, nestled in with the fetas etc. Don't know if it will be as good as haloumi, but I bought it and will try your recipe out.


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