28 July 2010

Obsession of the hour: Robert Gordon Ceramics

Having discovered Robert Gordon Australia ceramics yesterday (thank you SOHI magazine), I am now obsessing over it. Can't get it out of my head. Planning my purchases for the kitchen in my mind (did I mention they have an online store?! Ker-CHING!) Ugh. Those dreamy pastels have got me all swoony. PS Stop by the Robert Gordon "Pottery Cottage Blog" sometime too. It's "delightful", blog-ified!

(below) A 15cm x 15cm "pate plate". Perfection.

(below) A Vue de Monde plate in July 2010 Real Living magazine

Well? Do you LOVE it?


  1. It's really lovely. I have been eyeing off some of it on Peters of Kensington for some time now :)
    Thanks for the blog link - I'm off to check it out!

  2. oh yes - what's not to love! KG

  3. Love the extensive colour range that the products come in. I'm a sucker for kitchenware. THANKS for passing that on.

  4. I love love love the dishes!!! :-) Great find

  5. Hi Louise - can't believe you didn't know about Robert Gordon??! I grew up near his pottery, we would have birthday parties there and everyone would decorate a vase or tea cup etc. Great memories of there. I have sooooo much Robert Gordon it's not funny, every time I go home I go to their warehouse to pick ANOTHER piece up :) Robert was kind enough to lend me a heap of pieces when I was a photography student to use for studio shoots.

    P.S. I featured your Moroccan pouffes over on my blog yesterday :)

  6. I am still using Robert Gordon pieces that I bought over 20 years ago - lasagne dish, jugs etc. and they're still great. Love this new range though - I might just have to pick up a few more pieces :)

  7. Oh... yes, I do love these!!

    xo Laura

  8. LOVE it. Oh, Louise, you must stop tempting me with these delectable things or I shall be forced to abandon your lovely blog... oh, okay, I would still pop by from time to time...

  9. Oh boy i Love it! Thanks for another tempting shopping treat my poor credit card! Jx

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