13 July 2010

Cool website: www.storeystreet.com

In course of the 13 years that I worked as a graphic designer/creative director of women's magazines, I met literally hundreds of inspirational, kind and spirited people. One of them, "G" is about to marry the brains behind "consultant industrial design enterprise", Storey Street, based in Sydney's inner-city suburb of Chippendale. Industrial Designer, Gareth Jones studied industrial design at the University of New South Wales, and has since developed this incredible series of pendant lights. Which I feeel I'm going to need at some stage.

PS Small globe $450, Large globe $1260, Artery (top image) $450.


  1. Hi Louise .. I like your 'I feel I'm going to need these at some stage' comment .. sums up those lights perfectly!!

  2. Beautiful. I have a soft spot for moorish patterns.

  3. As a lover of light and shadow - lovely!

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