01 July 2010

Attention shoppers!

Word on the street is that Samantha Robinson ceramics of Anthropologie/Paddington markets fame is opening a shop on Transvaal Avenue in Sydney's Double Bay in the coming weeks. I know. Major breaking news for tea drinkers everywhere! Excited? Sames. The store, as luck would have it, will not only be dripping with Sam's swoony ceramics, but the odd Olive Oil product, even a bit of a jewel. I KNOW! "Visionary to the max!" as Faux Fuschia would say... Now let's get distracted by Sam's porcelain pendant lights. Have you ever?


  1. They're beautiful. I wonder if the shop will do mail order? :)

  2. More really useful information!
    I love her stuff.
    I wish I knew how she does the designs, whether they're painted or transfers or what....

  3. Hi Rouge - I'm almost positive they're actually handpainted by Samantha - and a lot of the other ceramics have some sort of transfer burned onto them. I read about the process once, but now I can't find where!?!

  4. Thank you Louise. Maybe if you do remember where, you might post it? One of these big fat days I'm going to finally make it to her studio in Alexandria and buy me some pots! Or, knowing me, procrastinateur extraordinaire, arrive and find she's moved to Double Pay!

  5. Call me a party pooper but I don't find her work very original. These designs look just like cheap stuff you'd find in any market in any city in China.


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