28 July 2010

Ahead on Table Tonic: Sneak peaks-a-plenty!

The contents of today's mailbox? September 2010 Australian House & Garden magazine! Even better? No bills (for once)!

And let me tell you, it's a cracker of an issue. The best in a long time, in my humble opinion. And now that my camera is safely back in my arms (let's just say it enjoyed the Rosie's Cottage experience a little longer than the rest of us!), there will be a sneak peak soon! Plus, oodles more to come from these guys in the next few days: 

(above) August 2010 Country Style
(above) August 2010 Your Home & Garden (NZ)
(above) August 2010 Real Living
Yes, the one with the Table Tonic goodies on the cover!


  1. Oh, Louise, you big tease! Country Style looks too darn good, I can barely wait. Eeeeeeee too excited!

  2. love all of the bright colors on the covers! congrats again on the cover feature!


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