01 July 2010

Add to favorites: Sunday-Suppers.com

While I may think about it 25 hours a day, it's not often that I blog about food. Unless, you know, it's Rolls-Royce-y, solid gold-y, 5 star-y good. Like Sunday-Suppers. Ah-mazing. PS Eat before you click, peeps. You have been warned.

(Below) You must read about the Sunday-Suppers Martini Bar - "guests were invited to mix a drink to their liking with Vodka, Vermouth, soda water, "dirty water", and various garnishes ( cucumber, olives, + lemons ). In case guests weren’t confident in their martini making abilities we included a beautiful hand-stamped, coffee stained how-to sign". I could die. This is a Virgo's idea of heaven! Look at it!!!!

All images sunday-suppers


  1. Hell yes! Sunday suppers is the bomb!
    And the printable recipie cards are sooo cute!
    As is their logo - infact everytime i look at that site i want to have a dinner party!
    sal x

  2. I'm so with you on this one. Love the prints they do, too.

  3. Hi Louise!! Those pics are mouth watering! I had a look at Sunday Suppers after you tweeted about it a few days ago, and have a little bit about it all lined up in a post for Friday (with a link to you of course as I wouldn't have known about it otherwise!).

    So pleased to meet another Aussie blogger.

    Linda. :)

  4. This is sort of a missing link for me THANK YOU Louise. I have been missing out lately on Sunday suppers. this is LEKKER (which is the Dutch expression for yummie.

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