29 July 2010

60 Queen Street, Berry - Can we buy it? Can we? Can we?

Anyone who's ever been to Berry, on Sydney's South Coast, has ogled walked past 60 Queen Street, aka "Bel Air", and probably, like me & Mr Tonic, stopped and stared for a good 25 minutes. It's currently rented out as holiday accommodation, and has starred in many a photo shoot, and now? You can buy her!!!!! PS They want "around $1.1 million". Yes, Tonic-ettes. I was so excited I enquired. In our minds, Mr Tonic and I have already moved in. And you're all invited to come and sun yourselves on the patio(s) anytime! Ugh. In my dreams.


  1. We stop and stare at that house each time we go past.... amazing

  2. We had a family holiday down on the south coast in Feb and we honestly didn't want to leave, it was just breathtaking, I live not too far away from Byron Bay and it's nice but I could move down there in a millisecond! Jx

  3. This is heaven on Sydney's South Coast! DreaaaaaamY!

  4. Love the outside but i have to say i'm not so enamoured by what they have done on the inside. I think you could do much better!! Maybe tell them you'll buy it on the cheap, do it up and split the profits when it sells for double! tee he!!

  5. I love this house ! So much so that my kids always say "your favourite house is coming up mum" when we go through Berry . I have to agree with Tracey I was a bit dissapointed with the interior . Bit of a let down really .

  6. This house even turned a Melbourne girls head...

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