18 June 2010

Tori Burch Resort 2011: I WANT IT ALL!!!!!

When I heard that Tori Burch's latest collection was inspired by "a trip to Rajasthan earlier this year", my ears immediately pricked up. Culturally rich, Rajasthan is renowned for its traditional, colorful art. Rajasthani clothing traditionally has a lot of mirror-work and embroidery, and Rajasthani dresses are usually designed in bright colours like blue, yellow and orange. Was Tori Burch inspired? You betcha! She's on fire, that girl... PS You can view the full collection here. PPS Thanks for the tip off, Veronica Loves Archie. I love you right now!
"What did the globe-trotting designer take away from the Indian state? Vibrant colors, of course. And prints. Lots of them. If the "I need this all now" reactions from the editors at her open house are any indication, Burch should have yet another hit on her hands. Silk paisley cropped pants, long printed chiffon skirts, and tie-dyed cotton blouses and scarves jostled with a ruffled twill trench, burlap and gold sequin suit jacket, and a coat inspired by traditional dhurrie rugs". - Style.com

Get the look for less (can you tell I worked in magazines for 13 years?) - Vintage Rajasthani goodies in the Table Tonic online store:

(above) Large Vintage Silver Indian Tribal necklace (#5) $179 Buy it here.

(above) Huge Vintage Tribal Tassel (#1) $80 Buy it here.


  1. oh i absolutely love it all! gorgeous that tory burch...her line is amazing.

  2. I'm with you! If I read Rajasthan, Tunis, or Marrakech, I make the Scooby Doo sound.

  3. how good is it? i KNEW you would love! thanks for the linky love. x


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