21 June 2010

Table Tonic: The week in review

What I loved about last week:
NOTE: Eager as I was to take Deborah's advice and have rename the first little bit "Things that challenged me last week", I have decided to hell with it. Let's just talk about the happy, shiny, fun stuff from now on!
1. So. First Table Tonic giveaway. Was big fun. Speshly for the 2 fair maidens who won - Erika and Di! And thanks for entering everyone!
2. The Bell household is currently in the throes of Sia-fever. Her fifth studio album, We are Born was delivered to my inbox last Friday morning, prompting the 6 year old to ask why we were listening to music at 7.30am. And yesterday afternoon? I caught the 2 year old swaying a shoulder to it. Proud moment. Killer track? This one!

3. Two lovely bits of press in two of my favorite mags this week! Real Living features the Union Jack cushion, and New Zealand's Your Home & Garden features 2 ikat cushions and this mexican suzani bedspread. Will post some pics soon.
4. Sydney is getting fa-rosty! Nights are chilly, and the skinned rabbit Audrey is (hardly surprisingly) feeling it. She now sleeps inside and I love nothing more than kidnapping her from Jasper's bed at 10.30pm each night and having her warm, bony little body spooning the inside of my knees all night.
5. Jasper got the first (of many) wobbly teeth this week, complete with the drama that accompanies tooth looseness ("But I can't eat apples/play sport... My tooth!"). A glowing school report on Friday managed to take the edge off, and the local pizzeria for dinner it was.
6. Thanks to the (now award-winning*) Jamie Oliver 20-minute Meals iPhone app, we enjoyed this divine Pea, potato and paneer curry (below) for dinner last night. You guys, it only takes, like, 15 minutes to make! Ugh. Yummy.

*On 10th June, the Jamie Oliver 20-minute Meals iPhone app was pronounced a winner of the Apple Design Awards 2010 for best iPhone app at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. HUGE! And well deserved. It really is incredibly user-friendly for a recipe app.


  1. Great post I adore your site!

    I am having a fabulous giveaway!! Come join in!

    Art by Karena

  2. Love Pizza Olla and so family friendly :)

  3. Thanks for the Jamie Oliver App info, sounds useful.

  4. I knew I shouldn't have given my iPhone to the first born! I really do enjoy your weekly roundups!

  5. Oh my goodness....how ON EARTH did I miss your giveaway????? Aaarrgghhh!!! Can I blame my work computer for being down all weekend while I was there, trying to take a peek at my fave blogs. What a disaster!
    The curry looks really yum - might need to try that out.
    ps maybe Audrey needs to seek out a fuzzy little number like my furry kid is currently modelling on my latest post? :)

  6. Thanks for the J.O. app - will have to go check it out! Sounds like you had a really good week, except for the frost :)

  7. Can I ask - where did you find paneer in Sinny? I'm in Manly and have been looking for a good Indian supermarket for forever!

  8. Hi Rouge, I should have mentioned that I substituted Paneer with Haloumi (and it was PERFECT!!!)

  9. Gotcha! Inspired! That's what I'll do. Many thankings.

  10. Great post I adore your site!

    I am having a fabulous giveaway!! Come join in!

    Art by Karena

  11. I knew I shouldn't have given my iPhone to the first born! I really do enjoy your weekly roundups!

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