06 June 2010

Table Tonic spotlight: Photographer Simon Upton

A few of my faves from the extensive portfolio of one of the USA's finest (interior) photographers, Simon Upton. Upton's work has appeared in (virtually every issue of) Elle Decor, as well as Domino, UK House and Garden, World of Interiors and W. I remember many of these fondly... PS Interesting to note that he shoots almost exclusively in square format.


  1. The top photo is one of my all-time favorite interior shots. It's just sublime.


    If the Lamp Shade Fits

  2. I think one of these may be making it into my weekly top ten image list this week!

  3. The sixth one, the one that looks as though it HAS to be a painting, is very gorgeous. Intense, shifting, moody colours.

  4. I agree he's an amazing photographer! I LOVE the first photo -such gorgeous color!

  5. Simon has had an incredible career, including his pre-photography days! Such a wonderful talent. And it doesn't hurt that he's damn good looking too!!!!


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