22 June 2010

Room of the week: "Povo-chic"

My inner Gypsetter can't decide whether to file this one under S for "STOP IT!!!!" or O for OHMYGOD STOP IT!!!!" Thoughts?


  1. Looks like my uni house - except without the bong.

  2. I like it. I want to hang out.

  3. This room reminds me so much of the look I (we) my two other flatmates had going...pre marriage, babies etc..it was very much a chill out space...everything was from the store Tree of Life..very bohemian...incense burning everywhere..dried clumps of wax in the carpet listening the Natalie Merchant...amazing what an image can take you back too....Thanks Louise :)

  4. Looks too eclectic for me, but very comfortable....

    Northern Light

  5. Loving the room, the floor and the windows, but I must say that the Swedish DNA in me calls for cleaner lines and more light.
    Totally embrace a hint of boho though sister, only in a lesser quantity.

    xx Charlotta

  6. Relaxing to be in I'm sure. However very uni student.


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