13 June 2010

Perfectly clear: Pendant lights with a difference!

Crystal decanters as pendant lights? "Why, yes of course!" says London's Conquine Bar.

Filing them under "cool and quirky", along with the following lighting lovliness, which you may remember from this post.


  1. I have a real weakness for lamp clusters!
    These are fantastic and I too will keep these in my treasure chest.

    Bet you too like Tom Dixon's clustered pendant lamps.

    Happy weekend to you!

    xx Charlotta

  2. What fabulousness! I love both photos. The Deco style lights are wonderful in a grouping :)

  3. Thats kinda cool! They must be so heavy though!

  4. Wow - that looks fantastic, especially the first image! Such a clever, quirky idea :)


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