28 June 2010

On sale now: Vogue Living July/August 2010

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of July/August 2010 Vogue Living, two of the raddest interior-y, design-y bloggers, (I'll call them Lucy and Raina because that is their names), have taken it upon themselves to enlighten you. Thank them later, write or just "give them a call sometime", as my mum would say. This is good stuff! First up, a swoonalicious interview with "most-dapper-male-magazine-editor-in-history", David Clarke, over at The Design Files

And second, it's VL eye-candy-a-go-go at If the Lampshade Fits, where Raina has kindly solicited blackmarket scans (not really) and shared them with her readers in 4 thrilling parts, imaginatively titled:


  1. "imaginatively titled" - *snort*

    I did try to come up with a clever title, but in the end took the easy way out.

    Thanks for the link love, Darlin'!

  2. Yummy eye candy. Thanks Raina xx Straight forward works for me.
    Thanks Louise for the ups.

    Happy week to all dear friends.

    xx Charlotta


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