16 June 2010

OMG Interior: Victor Churchill Butcher

When Dreamtime Australia Design take on their first ever retail project, you know it's going to be nothing short of spectacular, and Victor Churchill Butcher in Woollahra, Sydney, Australia is without doubt one the most beautiful butcher’s stores in the world. Boasting a 133-year history, the new retail space has successfully blended a traditional European butcher shop with modern, cutting-edge design elements. And if you ever find yourself in Sydney, you simply have to pop in.

Rumour has it, this old sandstone wall (below) was discovered during demolition, and they decided to keep it, highlighting its unique, historical value by using it as the backdrop wall for the butchers’ "working stage".

(below) Custom “sausage” handles cast in solid copper from real Vic’s Meat sausages, grace Victor Churchill Butcher principal doors and drawers.

(below) "The floor-to-ceiling glass walled cool room is yet another stunning feature. Speciality cuts of meat slowly pass by, hung from a custom designed cog gear and metal chain rack with larger carcass meat cuts aging behind, all backed by the floor-to-ceiling Himalayan salt brick wall."

Photography by Paul Gosney
Other features include:
• Rich timber wall panelling, a timber beamed ceiling and an Italian Calacatta marble slab floor.
• In an Australian-first installation by boutique stonemasons, Gitani Stone, the floor has been sliced into mosaic tiles and re-laid in book-matched slab form with a marble wall coving.
• The ceiling and counter fronts feature hand-carved copper fretwork.
• The hot and cold kitchens feature hair-on leather clad walls covered and protected by glass, from famed Texas-based leather artist Kyle Bunting.
• Custom copper refrigerated cabinets line a wall where premium meats are displayed, together with meat specialities such as terrines, pates and parfaits prepared on-site in the hot and cold kitchen.

(above) And their website? So fab.


  1. This shop featured on an episode of Poh's Kitchen. Neil Perry's local apparently as he was doing the 'tour'. If this was in the neighbourhood you surely wouldn't be getting your snags from Woolies!

  2. I saw this on an episode of MasterChef recently too. It's amazing!! Purely amazing!

  3. i saw this on TV recently - was it SBS Food safari, cant remember but it sure looks amazing!!


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