11 June 2010

Lonny magazine: June/July 2010

Last night, the latest issue of online decor magazine, Lonny went "live". In case you haven't read it yet, here's a small selection of the goodness. You can view the entire issue here, and I highly recommend the "full screen" option! Me? Loved it. What was your favorite feature or image? I think mine was the second last image on this post... Nice.

All images Lonny


  1. I love that bath in your 3rd last shot!

  2. It's the twin orange bedheads for me!

  3. Just browsed through. So much inspiration, beautiful photography, off to change my furniture round :) have a great weekend Louise x

  4. Hi Louise,
    Just browsed the new Lonny last night, I was to excited, could not stop.... Have to go back to actually read the mag on Sunday.
    It's really a little scary.... My favorite image was also from the Bunny Williams "Beach house", turns out we have quite similar taste!
    In my new job I deal with furniture and accessories for the home (YEAH!!) and this stool from Palechek...well we have it!
    It's surprisingly comfortable, it looks a little stiff in this image.

    Great minds think alike ;)
    Have fun this weekend,
    Northern Light

  5. excuse me while i drool over that flamingo.


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