07 June 2010

Juju Hats now available at tabletonic.com.au!!

An exciting day here at Table Tonic HQ - The first of many Juju Hats is now up on the Table Tonic online store! In the coming weeks, I'll be getting in many more, in a variety of jewel-like colours (as well as heavenly white and some gorgeous neutrals). They're $599 each, and if there's a particular colour you're after, drop me an email - I'm more than happy to do pre-orders (delivery time for pre-orders will be around 14 days).

Table Tonic


  1. Oh, WOW, what striking color!!! I have always wanted one of these, ever since one was featured on the cover of Met Home, many years ago....

    How to take care of them is another story?

    Northern Light

  2. Yay!!!

    May have to save up my pocket money, but it would be SO worth it.... So beautiful...

    S. x

  3. OK. I AM TOO EXCITED FOR WORDS!!! THIS IS MY ULTIMATE ALL TIME FAVOURITE TIMES A MILLION!!!! Now to decide what colour I want (oh and seriously save!) - so excited you are carrying this, whoop, whoop! x

  4. Love those! They use to feature in Domino magazine. A question for you Louise, where did the mini Michangelo bust come from???!!!??? I've been looking for one of these for ageeessss!

  5. I've got a deep red one, but that yellow is just stunning!

  6. lenkak123 - The bust is an old eBay purchase. Actually, almost everything on that mantel is an old eBay purchase!
    Thanks for the excitement, everyone. And let me tell you, they are oh-so special in the flesh. And ENORMOUS!!!

  7. oohhh so what colours can we expect?!?!

  8. Sal R-J: You can expect (almost) every colour of the rainbow!! Eeeeeek!

  9. Awesome, it feels like summer already! I just posted about it on Urban Style Vibes*


    Lise M.


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