26 June 2010

Giveaway alert: Mrs Woog's Favourite Things

My son, Jasper has a friend called H. H sprung from the loins (actually, he came out "via the sunroof") of Mrs Woog, who can cook like a demon, drink like a fish and shop like Lindsay Lohan on pay day, which is why I now call her a "friggin' awesome friend". Mrs Woog is witty to the power of 17 jillion, and she likes to write - a killer combo. Shame on you if you haven't already visited Woogsworld, because I have instructed you to do so on more than one occasion. Anyhoo, she currently has 2 Benefit Instant Brow Pencils along with 2 Benefit Highbrow Pencils to give away to readers. "The Highbrow Pencil helps you look like you have not just come home from a night out with Russell Brand. It is like an eye-lift. Without the use of stitches and shit." Amen. Enter HERE.

Pink flower hat lady (above) was found as a suitable point demonstrator, over at bellaMUMMA, otherwise known as the beauty bible which masquerades as a blog. The lovely Nikki, the bella mumma herself, is an ex-Cosmo mag colleague of mine, and rest assured, as an ex-Beauty Editor, she is well qualified to be dishing the beauty dirt! Think tips, tricks, time savers and budget buys a-plenty! And check it, Tonic-ettes - this is a scene from bellaMUMMA's boudoir:

Dreamy, huh? The girl's got style. But there's still more - Table Tonic recently shared her "glow & tell" tips and tricks for bellaMUMMA. Read 'em riiight here.


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