18 June 2010

Eddie Ross: A Date with a Plate table decoration

Oh my giddy-aunt, I have died and gone to dinner party heaven. This, friends, is a table decorated by Eddie Ross "for A Date with a Plate in May, a two-day affair in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, benefiting the Noreen O'Neill Foundation for Melanoma Research."It's hard to fault, right? Well, you would not believe the behind-the -scenes trickery that went on. And you can read all about it, step-by-step (right down to the "only pink, orange, blue and white" lolly selection), here.

"Based in upstate New York, Eddie Ross, Inc. offers interior design and styling services, event production, and an online boutique for vintage tabletop and giftware." Read more about Eddie Ross Inc. here.


  1. Lousie, you know just how much this tablescape excites me. All that colour...I die. Eddie Ross = design genuis.

  2. Just the pop of colour I need on this wet and cold Melbs night!


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