21 June 2010

Bitchin' in the kitchen!

Without those coloured cups? This little get-up would be nothing. NOTHING! Alright, the coffee machine, is pretty sexy. Matching toaster too. Oh, looky those clear jars... And stainless steel commercial/industrial looking kitchens just do it for me everytime.

Mimi & Meg

PS While I was putting this post together, this was the conversation in the background:
Son: "Oh, now my other tooth is really wobbly..." 
Father: "That's good, Jasp - you get $20 a tooth! What are you gonna buy?"
Son: "Mmm... Maybe an iPad? How much are they?"


  1. $20 a tooth! FARRRK. I am coming over with a pair of pliers, will bring both my boys and the cat. We is going to be rich!
    You must be selling a shit load of cushions.

  2. You are so right - coloured cups make it! Funny convo rehash too!

  3. Love that kitchen, you're right, without the colour it would look like the back of a cafe kitchen.
    Very cute - I wish and iPad was $20 too!

  4. hahahaha i just got in trouble for laughing so loudly at mrs wongs comment the bf couldn't hear the tv (& am still laughing with my hand over my mouth.) I vote that the funniest blog post comment i have ever seen. And p.s pretty sure espresso machine & toaster are kitchenaid. yum.
    sal x

  5. Hahahahaha....too funny...and $20 a tooth...geez..I'd be tying a long string to my tooth and the other end to a door knob waiting for someone to open it...just to hurry up and rip the darn thing out..lol...hahaha Ipad...too cute!

  6. The tooth fairy getting more and more generous!

  7. OK parents. We need to get together on this tooth fairy thing. I can't have my kids hearing at school that she brings them $20 when she only gives my kids $1.

    Can we come to a consensus?

  8. that picture is gorg looks like yummy candy to me!!!

  9. besides this being such a joy to look at...to me it says come over, hang out and get super duper jacked up on coffee. which is second best to a wine high. but nonetheless enjoyable.

  10. Lovely mugs, I love a bit of colour in my coffee and I am in the market for a kettle and that is the one I want - do you know who makes by any chance?

    ... and that is some hefty tooth inflation - you gotta get something back for that kind of money? xx

  11. I agree with mrs woog - and there are 6 (+ 1 dog) of us, all with mouths brimming full of teeth! Our fairy gives $2, but then I guess everything is more expensive in Sydney compared to Hobart! (oh, and love the coffee machine too, by the way).

  12. Just to clarify, as long as I am his mother, the kid will not, I repeat NOT be getting 20 clams for a tooth. Sometimes I call my husband "Silver Spoons Bell", for, as a child he was, despite being the youngest of 4 boys (I know!) spoilt rotten. But rest assured, people, $1 is sounding ample to me. We might even let him spend it on having a touch of the iPad. If he's lucky.

  13. MsAbell, the kettle appears to be the Morphy Richards Cream Traditional Kettle. Not sure where you are in the world, but go Google! x

  14. adorable convo!! hey you guys are generous - my boy only got $2 for each tooth haha...he was still happy!

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