06 June 2010

A beautiful solution to a Union Jack patterned problem

A while back, a bought a very tatty Vintage Union Jack flag. It's enormous, and I had big plans for it to do to our dining room wall what a 847-carat tiara does for the Queen. You know. Finish off the look. Trouble is, it's so winky wonky and crooked that, after a month at the picture framers and many phonecalls to (and from) aforementioned framers, it finally ended up coming home again. Folded up. In a plastic bag. Which might help you to understand why this particular image caught my eye. You thinking what I'm thinking?


  1. What a perfect solution to your problem. I think it will look great.

  2. That looks fabulous! Please post a piccy of the results :)

  3. Great idea! Isn't it amazing how a solution always turns up?

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