03 May 2010

Ten words you need to stop misspelling

As someone who has struggled for many years to spell "definitely" without a red dotty line coming up underneath it, this made me laugh. And it's pretty. So pretty, infact, you can buy it as a poster over here at The Oatmeal Shop. Click here to find out the "Ten words".


  1. This is amazing. I've used a lot of the oatmeal's posters to help my teaching. Teenage boys 'definitely' struggle with many of these as well!

  2. I know mine! There/their, its/it's, and alot. I misspell these alot ;-)

  3. Definitely!...that is one of the most challenging of my often written and as often corrected word choices.

  4. this totally made me laugh because i too, am totally guilty for not spelling "definitely" correct the first time around! spelling errors are my pet peeve!!!

    p.s. - thanks for the lovely comment you left today on Ashlina's blog :)

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